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Hi there

Well, since it's been a while and I'm new in this community, perhaps I'll be able to breathe some life in it. Here's some info on Iyari's run. She made it through! Yippee!

Race Results for 25,671 Official Entrants
Gun Time is the clock time based on a 5 AM start.
Finish Time is based on the time the runner crossed the start line.

Iyari Limon #7368
of Los Angeles CA USA
AIDS Marathon Los Angeles
10K: 01:33:43
Half Marathon: 03:01:59
30K: 04:20:17
Gun Time: 06:09:13
Finish Time: 05:53:38
Place Overall: 13122
by Gender: 5170 Women
by Division: 1155 (age 28)

For those of you who need that in English, she completed the run, all 26.2 miles of it. Here's her Aids Marathon webpage.

She'll also be attending the Hollywood Collector Show along with a few of the more known potentials, Mark Lutz, George Hertzberg, Robia LaMorte and various other stars.

It sure sounds like a great convention to go to.

Other than that, I'd just like to say hey.
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