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Holding the wishes because something is missing!

Has anyone else seen Iyari in the "Bank of America" commericals? I was watching today the "Univision" network. Around 4:40pm when I saw this girl. First her hair and I thought "hey! That girl look like she has her hair!" Then Iyari lifts her head and BAM! I see it is her and I am like "WOW!" All happy to see her back at work on something! It's in Spanish though. I don't know if there is an English verison one. She looks really pretty. Though that gray suit isn't for her! She looks way too young! She is way too young to be looking anything but good! She has a Beautiful smile! That she flashes near the end. The only flaw in the commerical is the suit and her getting tongue tied. She say "banca" when it's "banco". But over all it's good! I plan on recording it. When I see it again. That was my first time seeing it and I didn't even know she was on it!
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