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I met Iyari at the sunday July 20 Vulkon convention in Tampa! She was soooo incredibly nice and I got to talk to her for a long time. It's a lot nicer to get to know her in person than reading her answers to questions online. I got a whole bunch of autographs from her (tho it was quite costly) on photos, my visor, and my cd case.
I learned a lot about her childhood, her life now as well as other interesting facts about her. She's so easy to talk to! you give her a lil topic and she can go on about it forever! it's cute! like, this one woman asked about her clothes, and she went on about where she shops and what she likes and everything and it was really nice. she's chatty, but in the interesting way where it captivates you and you wanna know more.
She was such a wonderful person to meet. I would love to see her again at a future convention, maybe even on that Buffy cruise in 2005 if she goes. she was invited and if she's free she wants to go. She is easily the sweetest celebrity I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
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